xerosfeli recipe2

A simple recipe using Xesofeli:

Kagianas with pig jerky and Xerosfeli


3 tomatoes

2 eggs

200 gr.pig jerky in pieces
80 gr. Messinian Xerosfeli in cubes
2 table spoons oliveoil
grated pepper
1stick of fresh oregano


Place the grated tomatoes in a deep pan and let them to boil up for a while.Add pig jerky, a little of oliveoil and pepper.Wait untill the sauce looks tighten and then we place xerosfeli‘s cubes In to the sauce.Be sure this mix is simmering and add the maringue of eggs.Mix softly adding the stick of oregano.Extend your cooking for about 10 minutes ultill the mix become tight.Afterall place this mix in plates dropping the grated pepper and serve.


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