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nullPetropoulos family comes from Rados-Arcadia, a Region of Greece in Central Peloponnese. Petropoulos/ family main work was livestock farming following the tradition from grandfather Miltiadis who was trading his sheep’s products (milk and cheese). Miltiadis’ son Ilias made a step forward by giving a more professional look to livestock farming after working at a creamery in Marathon Attiki Greece. He studied there the Feta cheese production. Afterwards Ilias was working for a few years as a cheese specialist (at Tserpe creamery in messinia)  further extending his knowledge about cheese production. On 1960 Ilias decided  to rent his own creamery becoming a cheese products merchant. Ilias started his own production with prodducts like Feta Sfela and Mizithra and his customers loved those immediately. So on 1976 Miltiadis moves from Marathon to Eva, a small village in Messinia Region. Ilias with his son Miltiadis were working together at the creamery. The success story extends when Petropoulos cheese products are widely known about their quality to more and more people. The big distinction comes on 2003 when Petropoulos’s Feta cheese was honoured with SILVER AWARD from WORLD CHEESE AWARDS COMMITEE in London. Unfortunetly Ilias Petropoulos died since 1993 and didn’t receive this honour distinction alive. On 2009  Ilias’s son Miltiadis keeps the tradition and builds up his own new creamery with brand name Polyphemus (in greek language Πολύφημος). Today Polyphemus creamery at Eva in Messinia region is a modern cheese making company. Today Miltiadis Petropoulos’s continues to produce his cheese products under the brand name “Polympemus”  with the same traditional way, his family taughted him.

Why we choose the brand Polyphemus for the creamery:

Homer mentions the tale of Polyphemus, the cyclops, who was a shepherd and cheese maker (the first of history). As Odysseus enters the monster’s cave during the course of his epic journey he observes that “woven baskets were full of cheese… and all pots, tubs, and churns where he drew the milk, were full of whey. When half the snow white milk curdled he collected it, put it in the woven baskets and kept the other half in a tub to drink.

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