Traditional Saganaki Cheese

Traditional Saganaki Cheese

Saganaki has stolen the hearts of them have tasted it. Saganaki Polyphemus (in Greek language “Σαγανάκι Πολύφημος”). It is produced at our creamery exclucively from special Messinian milk. It is packed in tubural shape and comes in two tastes: The classical one (white color) and the smoked one (dark color).

A few words about Saganaki:

Saganakι Polyphemus is type of cheese similar to “Formaela” but it is made with our unique methods and ultra high quality Messinian milk. It belongs to semi-hard kinds of cheeses and usually you can try it as baked, grilled, fried or as an appetisser (for exampe with uzzo).


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A simple Saganaki’s recipe:

Grilled Saganaki with vegetables


We take a piece of saganaki cheese of and cut it in round pieces 1.5cm thick. Next we bake on the grill in high temperature so that there are stripes formed on it.
At the same time we cut equally big tomato slices, bread them and bake in the oven for 5 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius. When everything is ready, we place one on top of the other, first the tomato then the “saganaki” and serve.






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