P.G.I Feta Cheese

P.G.I Feta Cheese

Feta is the awarded cheese of Petropoulos family.We produce the Feta cheese with the same traditional and vestal way exclucively from sheep’s or a combination of sheep’s and chamois’s milk as our anchestors did. Our TheFeta cheese we produce has awarded with the silver award at the international contest WORLD CHEESE AWARDS in London.  Our Premium Quality Feta cheese is certificated with P.G.I (Protected Geographical Indication).

A few words about the Feta cheese we produce:

Once the collected milk is pasteurized in high temperature, the next step is to place it in to a curdle machine untill it will become solid. It  remains there for about 45 minutes. Afterwards the cheese is cut and it’s dropped at the appropriate inox forms . We salt it after its reclamation and we keep it into theese forms for about 24 hours and we stir them tactical. The next step is to store it into barrels or bins and place it into a maturity room with the appropriate temperatures. Two months later when the maturity has become the cheese is ready to be consumed.

What makes our cheese so special that it has won the silver award in an international competition?

The rich Messinian flora with Miltiadis Petropoulos’ love to make Greek traditional cheese tastes, establish the feta cheese a unique and premium quality gastronomic product. Feta has its own place in many retail food markets(groceries,mini markets, super markets etc).

We have the honour to be trusted from many proffessionals who belong to food department and they have built with us strong relationships based on taste and quality we always offer.

A few words about Feta cheese:

It is used exlucively sheep’s milk or a mix of sheep and goat’s milk (in the other words a mix with 70% sheep’s milk and 30% chamois’milk). The sheep’s milk is necessary to come from Greek breeds. Feta’s taste is briny. Feta cheese is not produced in the whole  Greece and is protected with P.G.I (protected geographical indication)

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