The Ladotiri cheese is produced excluciveley from goat’s and sheep’s milk wfich are feefd from  rich and virgin  Messnian flora(south Greece).This cheese with the brnd name Polyphemus (in Greek language ΠΟΥΦΗΜΟΣ)

has a spicy taste and it is made from  goat’s and sheep’s milk.Ladotiri is preserved in to earthwared pots which include olive oil.At the brginning phase of  the maturity the ladotiri cheese is soft and not spicy.As the time is passing during the maturity the cheese becomes hard(hard texture) and spicy.Ladotiri is produced and the middle of Spring season and later.You can find it at the whole of the year at its mature shape.

A few words about Ladotiri:

The Ladotiri cheese is a table with hard texture kind of cheese which is produced from  goat’s or sheep’s milk or a mix of two of them.The key feature of this cheese is its rich and spicy taste.Afer the production of the Ladotiri  cheese it is preserved in to pots with olive oil.

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