Kefalotiri with brand name Polyphemus (in Greek language Πολύφημος) is produced from fresh,pasteurized  sheep’s and/or goat’s milk.This milk comes from exlcusively region of Messinia-Greece.Try our new special  taste, Pepper Kefalotiri. It is consumed raw, fried or with pasta. In greek kitchen it is used also on several types of pies like spinach pies.

Kefalotiri’s features:

  • Mnimum fats          :         40%
  • Maximum humidity:          38%
  • Produce,Rennet Salt.

A few words about Kefalotiri:

Kefalotiri is a popular and well known cheese having his roots on Vyzantine ages. It is considered as a hard cheese and it is produced  in tubural shapes with a firmly mass and and a hard surface. Kefalotiri has a distinctive salty and nice taste and aroma. ALSO  Kefalotiri has a high level nutrient value becauce of its proteins, calcium and A,D,E vitamins.

  • piperato kefalotiri
  • κεφαλοτυρ3
  • κεφαλοτυρι1
  • κεφαλοτυρι2
  • κεφαλοτυρι4
  • κεφαλοτυρια3

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